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Sustainability and Quality Management Systems Certification Service

We Offer Hands-on Access to Global Supply Chains


  • ISO Integrated Quality Management System Applied Training                                                                              

  • Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) Membership and COP Applied Training and Consulting                          

  • LBMA Applied Consulting and Training

Nurcert Advisory. Nurcert Global Certification Consulting. Jewelry export sustainability certification trainings are provided.

LBMA nurcert certification and education logo image
ISO integrated management system training logo for the jewelers industry. Nurcert Certification provides ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 training and certification services.
orumlu Kuyumculuk Konseyi (RJC)
ISO 27001:2022 Bilgi Güvenliği logosu. 27001 Eğitim ve danışmanlık
B Corporation üyelik logosu. Eğitim ve danışmanlık hizmetleri.


Tailored to specific requirements for the jewelery and jewelery industries and fields. We offer a complete certification package for your firm to participate in global supply chains and international trade.

We provide hands-on consultancy services for turnkey ISO Integrated Quality Management System, Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) and London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) memberships. 

Analysis and Roadmap

Certification  Preparing the Current Situation Analysis and Roadmap, we offer improvement suggestions in 3 categories as short, medium and long term, to the current and anticipated documentation process failures.


Like this; we can eliminate the obstacles that may come our way in the short, medium and long term or that we know exist.

Practical training

Integrated Management System is a holistic management system application where ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems are gathered under one roof and requirements can be met simultaneously.

ISO training is the training process open to all employees within the organization. The aim is to ensure that the quality management plans within the organization are used correctly. Detailed presentations are made about the advantages of ISO through training activities.


Our certification services can help you select the most appropriate  certificates for your products and market, ensuring that relevant standards are met at every stage of your supply chain. It inspects thousands of facilities for exporters and manufacturers around the world each year. We carry out certification services for quality management systems including RJC and ISO standards.

You can have  TÜRKAK, IAS, DAKKS., AL ,B.VERITAS, SGL Quality certificate. Have Internationally Accepted Quality Certificates.

Vendor Registration 

The purpose of the due diligence study for the seller side is to identify the issues that the buyers may consider as problems during the sales process to the Chain brand companies and to find solutions to these problems in a timely manner, to ensure that the buyer companies are included in the vendor list and to prepare the company for the  sales process.


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Each of our employees, who add value to us, also enjoys many privileges as a member of our institution.

By working at our Nurexs company, you can improve your skills with strong motivation and team spirit at our Nurmac Machinery and Nurcert certification bodies, and you can become a successful member of our rapidly growing family by utilizing opportunities. You can take your career to the top with Nurexs, which serves world brands.

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Küçükçekmece lake view of Nurcert certification office.
An example of Nurcert certification and consultancy office pictures.
Nurcert certification consultancy office workspace. Avcılar is located in Firuzköy. It dominates the magnificent view of Küçükçekmece lake and dominates a magnificent team working environment.
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