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Dağın zirvesini gösteren bir görseldir. Hakkımızda sayfasına aitdir.

about us

It is the logo of the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC). Nurcert provides consultancy services in Turkey.
It's the LBMA logo. Nurcert provides consultancy services in Turkey.
The B Corporation logo. Nurcert provides consultancy services in Turkey.
ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 logos. Nurcert provides training and consultancy services in Turkey.
ISO Quality Management System image. Nurcert gives her education in Turkey.

With our international experience, wide range of services, knowledge and solution partnership network, we provide services in the fields of Sustainability, Quality, Environment, Health and Social Compliance studies that will be beneficial to the society, national economy, jewelry manufacturing and sales sector. Going forward, we pride ourselves on incorporating strong management systems to support smaller and independent organizations as they begin their journey to sustainability.

NurCert's applied certification body  and our solution partners is to provide a safer and more connected sustainable world goal. To carry the most valuable jewelery and jewelery production companies of our country to world quality standards and to add Turkish companies to the supply chains of the world's leading brand chains with our sustainable management. These chain companies ask you for quality management and sustainability documents. Our duty is to support you.

While the number of companies holding the ISO Integrated Quality Management System certificate in Italy as of 2023 in the jewelry and jewelery sector is 1398, a total of 1956 in Asian countries, this number exceeds 3,000 in other countries. There are about 5 companies in Turkey.

Although the RJC member certificate is present in more than 1600 companies globally, this number is limited to only 6 companies in Turkey.

Our goal  Our goal is to increase this number to over 50 in Turkey.


We are giving away free due diligence report and solution-oriented strategic roadmap to all companies in order to establish your sales and sustainable prestige authority in the global.

 We Invite You to a Sustainable World. 

 NurCert and its Solution Partners. 

Our Team and Expert Solution Partners

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